Mental Health Matters!


Counselling or Psychotherapy can benefit everyone.


Self awareness, basic psychological strategies, tools and resources, and very importantly, the counselling relationship that you will find in my counselling room, based in Lisburn, Northern Ireland will help and support you. 

All of these things together can allow you to make lasting positive change, to support and help you to manage your life and most importantly your mind better.

Let Yourself Bloom...

come to therapy

Don't wait.


Generalised Anxiety Disorder



Low self esteem,

Lack of resilience

Relationships or Family Issues

Work related stress

One off trauma


Feeling Sad


Emotional or Sexual abuse

Seperation or Divorce


Don't wait - Come for counselling and we will work together to resolve whatever is at the heart of the issue.  

BACP Accredited Counsellor & EMDR Therapist



What my client's say

 Lynda was fantastic at supporting me through stressful life events.  I received approachable, understanding and flexible, excellent service. I would definitely recommend her counselling.

What my client's say


   Lynda creates a welcoming environment, free of judgement and conducive to positive conversations.



What my client's say


    Lynda is amazing.  Such a warm person who helped me through a really tough time in my life with the EMDR technique.  As a person who struggled with extreme anxiety Lynda was able to work through it with me and I am now living a comfortable and almost anxiety free life.

I would highly recommend EMDR.



not to be ok!

The Covid 19 pandemic has been a difficult and traumatic time, unprecedented.

For some there have been loss under extremely difficult circumstances.

Being unable to see or be with their loved ones, when they are ill or dying. 


Unable to see or be with extended family, grandparents only able to see their grandchildren through a window. 


Those shielding feeling isolated and and alone.

We are suddenly unable to be with our friends, go to work, school, go out, our lives curtailed.

Covid 19 undoubtedly has and will continue to have a negative affect on not only our physical but our mental health & well being. 

In these strange times, be kind and encouraging to yourself, it's OK not to be OK.

Talk to someone, ask for help, it will really help.


Your True Self.


The founder of Person Centred Therapy Carl Rogers talks about becoming your 'true self' and not having to live the pretence of the 'ideal self' the perceptions we ourselves and others put upon us.

The individual in therapy "changes in the way he perceives himself and values himself"




Do you feel you are living your life in a way that is deeply satisfying to you and truly expresses who you are?

Counselling is about finding that the locus of evaluation lies within you, basically that you find your value from within, rather than depending on the judgements or expectations of others.

Less will you feel the need for the approval or disapproval of others, but your value comes from within.  


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