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EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy  - Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing - recently much in the press,  Prince Harry has been engaging in and advocating EMDR therapy to help him to process his past.


Are you suffering with unresolved trauma, constantly on edge, not sleeping, watchful, mistrustful, anxious,

tearful, uncertain what to do? 

EMDR can help, particularly after a traumatic event, or a series of difficult life experiences, feelings and emotions become stuck, you may relive the event, have flashbacks, feel depressed or anxious.

EMDR rewires the brain using a series of eye movements, similar to the way the brain processes our day during REM sleep. 

It is extremely effective and is recommended by 'NICE' The National Institute for Health Care & Excellence the organisation that drives improvement and excellence through the health & social care system, and also by the World Health Organisation, were it has been used in disaster situations for many years.


Traumatic Events



Image by Harry Quan

One of the benefits of EMDR therapy is that it is not necessary to discuss in detail,

traumatic events therefore having to relive them in therapy.  

You only need to focus briefly on the traumatic memory whilst simultaneously experiencing bilateral stimulation (typically eye movements) which along with the EMDR protocol resolves the maladaptive memory offering a reduction in the vividness and emotion associated with the trauma. 

Seeing EMDR remove these affect in my clients is a unique and amazing experience.

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Client comments

"The EMDR sessions were the most impactful

  and what I gained from most." 

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