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EMDR Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing


The use of psychological strategies and skills to improve Mental Health & Wellbeing


Talking Therapy for optimal

Mental Health & Wellbeing

These various therapies may seem scary, you may be fearful of opening up your inner thoughts and feelings or worry that you will be judged.  Do not be anxious or fearful, counselling is a  non judgemental supported space, where emotions, thoughts and feelings are welcomed. I have many years experience and this is a safe place. 

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Counselling for everyone...

As an integrative therapist, I use various psychological theories to enable our work together. 


Psycho dynamic Therapy - we will work together to look at past experiences that may affect your behaviour and thoughts in the present.  The brain has a tendency to repeat patterns, perhaps you have noticed this, these can sometimes be unhelpful and blocking.  


CBT - Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Using psycho education, there are many psychological skills, strategies and tools to help you manage and challenge your negative or unhelpful behaviours.

Person Centred Therapy - this is about you & no-one knows you better than you! 

So in listening, noticing, exploring, challenging & reframing, offering different insights, we work together, to explore your thoughts and feelings to enable you to find your true self.

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