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Self-esteem in your family

Good interpersonal relationships and appropriate loving behaviour stem from those people who hold strong feelings of self-worth. Simply stated, those who love and value themselves are able to love and value others.

Our family of origin can either inhibit or encourage strong self-worth, even in unconscious ways. Which types of message were expressed in your family from the types of behaviour below:

Messages of High Self Worth Messages of Low Self Worth

Praising Criticising or Blaming

Regard & love given unconditionally Regard & love being conditional

Trusting Mistrusting

Expecting success Predicting Failure

Showing respect for all Belittling others

Encouraged to make your own decisions Controlling or Belittling behaviours

Negotiation and appreciation Making sarcastic comments

What is most typical of the responses you received from the adults in your family?

Can you recall an event that speaks strongly to you about these messages, with either positive or negative influences or both from your life.

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