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Our Physical & Mental Health go hand in hand

'The Telomere Effect; Black E. PhD & Epel E. PhD (Orion Spring 2017) proof that we need to look after our physical and mental health for a healthy and longer life.

Our physical & mental health & wellbeing go hand in hand and one should not be ignored at the expense of the other. This was confirmed in an amazing book & relatively new discovery ‘ The Telomere Effect’ by Elizabeth Blackburn PhD & Elissa Epel PhD (Orion Spring, 2017)

A Telomere is a part of our DNA, we either have long or short Telomeres. If short the Telomere can negatively affect our ageing and physical health. Those with longer Telomeres have a longer healthspan and show their age later. It is also possible that those with longer Telomeres can actively shorten these and reverse the positive effect they were born with.

However, what is amazing is that it is possible to slow or reverse this process and lengthen Telomeres and hopefully your longevity, health & wellbeing.

Those things that we all know are good for us, are good for our Telomeres, eating well, regular exercise, mindfulness, resilient thinking, positivity, compassion for self and others.

Trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, rumination where we ponder on problems over and over again, those that regularly participate in rumination experience more depression and anxiety, these things can all, potentially shorten our Telomeres.

Proof if needed, that looking after ourselves both physically and mentality is essential.

Self-care is an imperative.

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