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Your morning necessities!

Updated: Apr 20, 2021

Are negative thoughts, you are scarcely aware of, ruining your day before its even begun?

Starting the day with a cuppa - be it tea or coffee, is an essential for most of us!

How do you wake, glad of a new day, enthusiastic to get out of bed, or not feeling like you can be bothered to get out of bed and with a sense of foreboding.

If the latter, when you notice that low feeling - scan your mind.

What thoughts are going through your mind - you are likely having negative thoughts.

As human beings we have negativity bias, early in human history, this trait may have kept us alive, now however it can be to say the least unhelpful.

Does it sound like “I can’t be bothered” “I’m tired” “I hate …, my life, my boss, etc...etc.” whatever it may be, however innocuous - dig a little deeper. That voice is saying I’m not worth making the effort for, it is too hard for me.

BUT YOU ARE WORTH IT - be kind, be encouraging & love yourself, like you would love your best friend.

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